【Fujitsu】 FACOM V Series (FACOM V, V0III, V0SIII)

The Fujitsu V Series was a series of small general-purpose computers from Fujitsu, and was positioned at the low-end of their FACOM M Series of general-purpose computers.

Fujitsu's small computers were the inexpensive FACOM 230-10 (announced in March 1965), which enabled easy use of COBOL with Japanese kana letters, and the FACOM 230-15 (announced April 1970) which enabled construction of online programs. The FACOM V0 had already been announced as the successor of the FACOM 230-10 (in August 1974), and the FACOM V was announced as the successor of the FACOM 230-15 in January 1977. This FACOM V had the following features.

  1. It was the first small system equipped with DB (Data Base), DE (Data Entry), DU (Data Utility) and DC (Data Communication) based on a true 4D concept.
  2. It achieved greater memory capacity and lower price by employing 4Kbit/chip MOS-LSI memory.
  3. The FACOM 230-15 employed magnetic core memory, and thus memory capacity was 32KB due to price constraints, but the FACOM V expanded capacity to a maximum of 192KB. It achieved both lower price and higher reliability.
  4. Speed was increased by using 500-600 gate bipolar LSI.
  5. Performance and functionality like that of mid-size and large machines was achieved at a low price.

The FACOM V comprised the FACOM V Series, together with the FACOM V0III (an enhanced version of the FACOM V0) and the FACOM V0SIII (an enhanced version of the FACOM V0S), which were announced at the same time. Later, the FACOM V Series of small computers was replaced with the New FACOM V Series (FACOM V-830 STREAM, V-830, V-850 and V-870), and then integrated with the FACOM K Series higher-end models announced in 1985.

FACOM V Series Main Specifications
Announcement date January 1977
Central processing unit Number of instructions 122 (binary fixed point and floating point, decimal fixed point, logical operations, character control etc.)
Data formats Byte, half-word, word, double-length word (1word=32bit)
Address system Direct, relative, base, index
Address conversion system High-speed address conversion using TLB (Translation Lookaside Buffer)
Control system Microprogram control
Main memory unit Memory element 4Kbit MOS-LSI
Cycle time 670ns/2B 600ns/4B
Capacity 8-48KB 16-64KB 32-192KB
Error check Parity check ECC
Memory protection mechanism no yes
Number of channel connections 4 5 4
Magnetic disk unit 10MB x 4 40MB x 8
Hard disk unit 0.5/1.0MB 2.4MB
Floppy disk unit 243KB (8inch, single-sided), 2drives could be built-in
Number of communication lines 1 16
Other Equipped with FACOM 230-10 emulator capability Equipped with FACOM 230-15 emulator capability

(Note) The above specifications are from the time of announcement, and may have been changed due to later improvement.

FACOM VMemory card for FACOM VEquipped with 8Kword x 13bit memory capacity per card by using 4Kbit/chip MOS-LSIDisk cartridge for FACOM VDisk cartridge with 40MB capacity, and magnetic disk unit using this cartridge