【Fujitsu】 FACOM K-600 Series

This was an office computer (a small business computer used in an office) from Fujitsu -- the successor of the FACOM K-200 Series R Models. Fujitsu announced the 4 model groups and 9 models of the FACOM K-600 Series (K-610 and K-630 Model 10 and 20, K-650 Model 10, 20 and 30, and K-670 Model 10, 20 and 30) in October 1988 as "partners for strategic management" in enterprise management of the 1990s. The features of this FACOM K-600 Series were as follows:

(1) As a "partner for strategic management", the series established 4 support concepts:
-Extension support (covering a wide performance range, field upgrading, and vertical/horizontal linkage)
-Application support (380 types of accumulated business/specialized applications, support by "Application Land" at 15 locations, DSS decision-making support system)
-Development support (Distributed development, high-production tools "CASET" and "YPS", RDB and SQL)
-Customer support (New product information, and providing the latest information through functions like seminars and events)

(2) The top-end K-670 was the first office computer to use a symmetrical multiprocessor employing 2 CPUs
-System performed improved by 2 times over previous levels (Ratio of K-670/30 to K-310R)

(3) Virtual memory address space and real memory address space 2 times larger than previous machines (Ratio of K-670 to K-310R)
-Virtual memory address space was expanded from 64MB to 128MB (later, this was expanded to 250MB with the K-670/40, and 384MB with the K-690)
-Real memory address space was expanded from 31MB to 64MB

(4) Disk access performance was significantly improved with a high-speed disk buffer which used part of the real memory as a disk area

In May 1989 (the following year), Fujitsu added the FACOM K-670 Model 40, the first office computer equipped with 3 CPUs, and thereby expanded the performance range of their office computers. This series developed into the FUJITSU K-600Si Series.

FACOM K-600 Series Main Specifications
Model name K-610 K-630 Model 10, 20 K-650 Model 10, 20, 30 K-670 Model 10, 20, 30, 40
Announcement date October 1988 (The K-670 Model 40 was announced in May 1989)
Main memory capacity (MB) 4MB Model 10:4MB
Model 20:6MB
Model 10:10MB
Model 20:11MB
Model 30:19MB
Model 10:24MB
Model 20:48MB
Model 30:64MB
Model 40:64MB
Max. built-in disk capacity 172MB Model10:216MB
Max. number of connected workstations 3 Model10:6
  • First office computer to employ multi-processors (K-670)
  • Virtual memory address space and real memory address expanded to about two times their previous level
  • Wide range of expandability (5 types, 12 models)

(Note) The above specifications are from the time of announcement, and may have been changed due to later improvement.

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