【Mitsubishi Electric】 MELCOM70 MX/2000, MX/2600, MX/2800, MX/2900

The MX/2000 was a super minicomputer from Mitsubishi Electric which employed high-density packaging technology to house the high-speed and high-performance of the MX/3000 in a floor-stand cabinet. The CPU was 32-bit custom LSI equipped with a high-speed floating point arithmetic unit, and the speed of basic instructions was enhanced via 4-stage pipeline control. This made it possible to achieve a processing capability of 1.2MWIPS (Whetstone Instructions Per Second). Static cache of 96 kilobytes was added to the 32 kilobyte dynamic cache, and this large-capacity high-performance cache memory with a total of 128 kilobytes enabled high-speed arithmetic operations. Static cache also had the effect of speeding up the processing of the operating system.

The MX2600 was a super minicomputer which inherited the compact architecture of the MX2000, and had an enhanced built-in auxiliary memory unit.

The MX2800 was a tightly coupled multiprocessor having two MX2600 basic processing units.

The MX2900 added a 16-MFLOPS built-in array processor, which was particularly powerful for vector operations, to the basic processing unit of the MX2600. It was also provided with a high-speed main memory unit (0.5 megabytes or 1 megabyte) comprised of high-speed static RAM, which made it possible to supply data to the built-in array processor without any waste of time, so that vector processing performance could be maximized.Its operating system was OS60/UMX, which integrated UNIX (System V + BSD extension) with a real-time operating system developed by Mitsubishi Electric.

  MX/2000 MX/2600 MX/2800 MX/2900
Announcement date September 1985 February 1987
Main memory capacity 6MB 8MB
Multiprocessor - - -
Built-in array processor - - -
Built-in auxiliary memory unit Hard disk unit capacity 72MB 147MBx2
Flexible disk unit 8-inch 1.2MB 8-inch 1.2MB
Cartridge magnetic tape unit - 37MB
Option slots 5 10
Size 400mm(W)

MELCOM70 MX/2600