【Mitsubishi Electric】 MELCOM70 MX/3000

Announced in 1984, this was the first model in the MELCOM70 MX Series of minicomputers from Mitsubishi Electric. This model employed a 32-bit architecture and state-of-the-art speed enhancement technology, and was equipped with OS60/UMX which combined OS60 ,a real-time operating system developed by Mitsubishi Electric, and UNIX.

This model had powerful hardware employing state-of-the-art speed enhancement technology, including: a 4-staged pipeline control system which achieved speed of 125ns in add operation, main memory with a cycle time of 500 ns/8 bytes (maximum of 8 megabytes/s), a high-speed bus of 32 megabyte/s, a-capacity cache memory of 128 kilobyte, and a built-in scientific/engineering calculation processor with a maximum performance of 64MFLOPS. It had a maximum common memory of 32MB, and enabled multi-computer system configurations coupling a maximum of 8 CPUs.

OS60 part of OS60/UMX brought out the high performance of the hardware, typified by the high-speed cache memory and pipeline control ,and Unix part provided a high productivity software development environment. Utilizing the scientific/engineering calculation processor with FORTRAN77 which had optimizing capability, the system could run applications requiring high processing speed.

MELCOM70 MX/3000