【Fujitsu】 FUJITSU M-1800 Model Group

This was a group of ultra-large general-purpose computers from Fujitsu. It was the first model group in FUJITSU's (Note 1) M-1000 Series. The five models in the FUJITSU M-1800 Model Group were announced as upper computers of the existing FACOM M-780 Model Group in September 1990. The FUJITSU M-1800 Model Group had the followingfeatures.

(1)The group achieved the highest speed in the world by realizing the world's first 8 CPU tightly coupled multiprocessor.
  • (Performance of the FUJITSU M-1800/85 was about 3 times and FACOM M-780/40
(2)The group could flexibly handle large-scale system construction.
  • Main memory capacity: Max. 2 gigabytes, System storage: 8 gigabytes, Max. number of provided channels 256
  • Up to a maximum of 224 optical channels could be installed, each having a high-speed data transfer rate of 9 megabytes/second.
(3)The group achieved higher reliability and performance via an SCMP (Note 2) configuration employing system storage.
  • Up to a maximum of 16 CPUs could be connected (with the 4 cluster configuration)
  • Equipped with ultra high-speed hot standby system
(4)Single-board CPU size was reduced, and space and power savings were achieved by using the latest LSI technology and high-density multi-layer glass-ceramic boards.
(Note 1) "FACOM", which was previously used as the brand name of Fujitsu computers, was changed to "FUJITSU".
(Note 2)System storageCoupledMulti-Processor system
FUJITSU M-1800 Model Group Specifications
  M-1800/20 M-1800/30 M-1800/45 M-1800/65 M-1800/85
Announcement date September 1990
CPU Number 2 3 4 6 8
Main element
  • ECL LSI with 15,000gates/chip, gate delay time 70ps
  • 64Kbit RAM with 1.6ns access time + 3,500gate RAM and logic LSI
Buffer storage capacity 128KB/CPU
Main memory Memory element 1Mbit static RAM
Capacity 128-1,024MB 256-2,048MB
Max. number of provided channels 128 256
System storage Capacity 256MB-8GB
Data transfer speed Max. 500MB/s
Options Battery back-up (24 hours), Duplication mechanism

FUJITSU M-1800ECL (emitter-coupled -logic) LSI used by FUJITSU M-1800, with up to 15,000 gatesCenter : LSI with a package for conduction cooling
Right : LSI of which package was removed for showing chip
Left : LSI viewed from the I/O side
(This is
One board CPU of M-1800Center: One board CPU, MLG (Multii-layer Glass-ceramic) board with max.144 LSIs on both sides
Left and right : Conduction cooling module having cooling capability of up to 4.6KW of CPU board