【Fujitsu】 F6735D Dot Line Printer

The F6735D, announced in April 1995, was Fujitsu’s fastest dot line printer at the time that used a dot-matrix print process. It supported various kinds of duplicate printing, such as duplicate forms and delivery slips, and it was the first impact printer with kanji-character and barcode support that connected to the Fujitsu M series.

Features of the F6735D:
(1)Printed barcodes used by delivery companies and others as well as kanji characters
(2)Autoloader reduced the time to load paper
(3)Standard equipped with a mechanism that automatically detected the paper thickness and adjusted printing accordingly, thus improving print quality and saving operators time
Specifications of the F6735D dot line printer
Model name F6735D
Introduced April 1995
Print process Wire dot matrix process
Print speeds 800 lines/min. (standard mode)
Resolution 160×160 dpi
Number of duplicates Original + 5 duplicates (standard mode, non-carbon copies)
Primary host models FUJITSU M series

F6735D dot line printer