【Fujitsu】 F6671A / F6677C Cut-Sheet Page Printers

The F6671A and F6677C, announced in February 1992, were distributed printers that connected to Fujitsu M series machines. They were compact, high-speed printers designed to fulfill the need for onsite printing using print data generated at a central system. They were particularly advantageous in financial and distribution circles that required distributed printing. These printers could reduce or eliminate sorting, distribution, and shipping costs because, for example, after the head office processed data submitted by branch offices, printers located at the branch offices could print out the results exactly as the host system’s printer.

Features of the F6671A and F6677C:
(1) Remote printing of print data processed on a central system
(2) Reduce or eliminate sorting, distribution, and shipping costs by printing data at each branch office
Specifications of the F6671A and F6677C cut-sheet page printers
Model name F6671A F6677C
Introduced February 1992
Print process Laser xerographic process
Fixing method Heat roller fixing
Print speeds A4 single sided 30 ppm max.20 ppm max.
A4 double sided 30 ppm max.
(15 sheets)
Resolution 240 dpi
Print functions Graphics (optional), image (optional)
Paper sizes A3, A4, A5, B4, B5, letter
Primary host models FUJITSU M series

F6671A / F6677C cut-sheet page printer
(both printers had the same enclosure)