【NEC】 N206A-1, N222-4 and N122A-1 Table Printers

In May 1965, NEC announced the N206A-1, N222-4 and N122A-1 Table Printers together with the NEAC Series 2200. (The N206A-1 was announced together with the NEAC-2200 in April 1964.)

When using only the 46 characters on the type drum, the N222-4 had a printing capability of 950line/min, and multi-line linefeeds were done at high speed. The type drum of this unit could be easily replaced, and the alphabetic drum and kana drum could be exchanged during use.
The N206A-1 and N122A-1 were medium-speed printers which could mix 109 kinds of characters (including kana) during printing.

Specifications of Table Printers for the NEAC Series 2200
Model name N222-4 N122A-1 N206A-1
Character types 63 types total (numeric 10,alphabetic 26,symbols 27)
63 types total (numeric 10,kana 48,symbols 5)
109 types total
(numeric 10,alphabetic 26,kana 48,symbols 25)
Max. number of printed characters 120char/132line
Line pitch 4.2mm(1/6inch),3.2mm(1/8inch)
Printing speed(line/min) 950(high-speed)
1000(with limited character types)
Printing speed
35 Min. 20 Min.
Applicable models of NEAC Series 2200 M100–M700 M100 M200–M700

N222-4 Table Printer