【NEC】 NEAC-2200

This was a economically-competitive small computer announced in April 1964. the NEAC-2200 was developed following the NEAC-2400, 3400, 2800 and 380 0 through a technical tie-up with Honeywell(U.S.A), and had a number of distinctive features . For example, it could be used for card systems, tape systems, real-time systems and batch systems. It also had a low monthly rental cost of 800,000 yen and low space requirements of 21.5square meter (both figures are for the basic system).

The control memory and main memory were fast, with speeds (respectively) of 250 nanoseconds and one microseconds, and the system had simultaneous processing capability for simultaneously driving 4 peripheral devices while calculating, even with no additional equipment. Main memory form 2,048 to 32,768 characters, and a wide range of peripheral devices were available, including a magnetic drum unit, magnetic disk unit, auto scanner unit, magnetic-ink character reader and communications controller. Therefore, a small-scale system could be easily expanded to a large-scale system.