【Fujitsu】 F6722D Cut Paper Japanese Language Line Printer

This was a cut paper Japanese language line printer (line printer for Japanese language processing) from Fujitsu which achieved high-speed printing at a maximum of 125 pages per minute. Fujitsu developed the FACOM 6724C/D with a speed of 50 pages per minute in February 1989, and the F6722D with a speed of 125 pages per minute in March 1990. In response to the market need for resource and space saving, and standardization of forms, these machines were developed as cut paper Japanese language printers capable of double-sided printing. The following new technologies were used in the F6722D to achieve high-speed printing.

1) This was the first printer exceeding 100 pages per minute to use an LED array
In an LED array, a few thousand LEDs were arranged in a line, at a pitch equal to the printing resolution, and individual LEDs exposed corresponding dots on the photosensitive drum.
2) It employed the flash fixation system
Previous cut paper printers used the hot roller fixation system, where paper was pressed with a hot roller, as the system for fixing toner transferred onto paper. But the F6722D adopted the flash fixation system, which was based on the technology developed by Fujitsu who had rich experience around continuous-form-paper printers over many years. There is no direct contact with paper with this system, so fixation can be done without losing the transport stability of the cut paper.
3) It employed a high-speed paper feed mechanism and high-speed paper inversion mechanism.
To achieve stable paper transport at high-speed (approximately 770mm/s), this printer used a new high-speed paper feed mechanism to ensure only the uppermost sheet was transported, even if multiple sheets were fed. Fujitsu also developed its own high-speed paper inversion mechanism to prevent paper jamming and skewing during paper inversion. This made it possible to achieve high-speed double-sided printing at 98 pages per minute with A4 size paper.
Specifications of Cut Paper Japanese Language Line Printers
  FACOM 6724C/D *1 F6722D
Completion date February 1989 March 1990
Printing system Laser-based xerography LED array based xerography
Fixation system Hot roller fixation Flash fixation
Printing speed A4 size single-sided printing Max. 50 page/min Max. 125 page/min
A4 size double-sided printing Max. 40 page/min
(20 sheet)
Max. 98 page/min
(49 sheet)
Resolution 240 dot/inch
Character generation mechanism Basic: Alphanumeric/Kana 255 types
Kanji (Chinese characters) 8,192 char (JIS Level 1 and JIS Non-Kanji (includes 3,418 char)
Max. 18,432 characters storable (optional)
Printing functions Double-sided printing, Reduced printing (80% reduction, LP reduction),
Diagram printing (optional),Image printing (optional)
Paper size A3, A4, A5, B4, B5, Letter
Main connected models FACOM M Series

*1:The FACOM 6724C used a 100V power supply, and the FACOM 6724D used a 200V power supply

FACOM 6724C/D Cut Paper Japanese Language Line PrinterFACOM 6724C/D feature for reducing sorting workExample of output using the offset stack output function for slightly shifting paper, and the colored paper insertion function for sortingF6722D Cut Paper Japanese Language Line Printer