【Fujitsu】 FACOM 6657A Office Printer

This was a cut paper laser printer from Fujitsu, which achieved high-quality printing by writing with a semiconductor laser. It was completed in 1982.

With the dissemination of computer-based OA (Office Automation) processing, various new features were provided by display subsystems for data input/output, including Japanese characters input/output, business graph processing and document creation. The FACOM 6657A was developed as a high-speed printer for the display subsystem of the FACOM M Series of general-purpose computers. This printer was called an office printer, and it had the following features:

1) It enabled printing of high-quality characters by writing with a semiconductor laser beam (resolution 240 dots per inch, kanji (Chinese character) font 30×30dot).
2) It was equipped with an extensive range of functions including graph output, form overlay and various character sizes.
3) Greater compactness and reduced noise enabled set-up in an ordinary office.
4) In addition to output from a host computer, the printer could also print from a display unit connected to a display controller without the mediation of the host computer.
5) Handling was easy.
Paper could be easily replaced and supplied using a 2-level cassette paper feeding method. The paper which was output using a face-down stack mechanism (optional) could be filed as it was.

In 1985, Fujitsu developed the FACOM 6677A1/A2 with improved character expressiveness (gothic font, double-size characters, tall characters, short characters, and compatibility (Note) with line printers for Japanese language processing). And in 1987 Fujitsu developed the FACOM 6677B1/B2 which reduced noise and added a bar code printing function.

(Note) Only FACOM 6677A2 in FACOM66xx series

Officer Printer, Specifications of Main Models
  FACOM 6657A FACOM 6677A1/A2 FACOM 6677B1/B2
Completion date 1982 November 1985 April 1987
Printing system Laser-based xerography
Printing type 3 mode(*1) A1: 3 mode(*1) B1: 3 mode(*1)
A2: 4 mode(*2) B2: 4 mode(*2)
Printing speed (A4) Max. 20 sheet/min A1: Max. 20 sheet/min B1: Max. 20 sheet/min
A2: Max. 16 sheet/min B2: Max. 16 sheet/min
Resolution 240 dot/inch A1: 240 dot/inch B1: 240 dot/inch
A2: 300 dot/inch (condensed printing) B2: 300 dot/inch (condensed printing)
Printing options Formatted printing function (software overlay),Graph printing function,Image printing function
Paper Paper size B4, A4, B5, A5, Letter size B4, A4, B5, A5, Letter size,Postcard
Paper feed 2-level cassette paper feed system
(250 sheet/cassette)
Cassette paper feed system (250 sheet),Hopper (1000 sheet), not compatible with postcard size
Hand feed - B4, A4, B5, A5, Letter size,Postcard
Post-handling Face-down stack mechanism (Optional) Inversion stacker (Optional)
Main connected models FACOM M Series

*1:3 modes—portrait, landscape and LP

*2:4 modes—portrait, landscape, LP and condensed

FACOM 6657A Office PrinterFACOM 6677B1/B2 Office Printer