【Fujitsu】 FACOM 650 Line Printer

Completed in March 1976, this line printer from Fujitsu was the first Japanese-made printer to use the train cartridge system. It achieved a high printing speed of 2,000 lines per minute with 48 character types, and had the following features:

1) High-speed printing of 2,000 lines per minute with 48 character types was achieved by using the newly developed type train system.
2) By using a front-print system (Note 2) employing a type train instead of a back-print system (Note 1) using a conventional type drum, the new system eliminated the weak points characteristic of previous line printers such as poorly printed and missing letters, and achieved superior printing quality with uniform printing density and good character alignment.
(Note 1) Printing system where the printing type on a type drum is struck with a print hammer from the back side of the paper being printed on.
(Note 2) Printing system where printing is done by striking each print type with a print hammer from the front side of the paper. To do this, the printing types were set on a type train. On the type train, the each type was individually movable.
3) The printer used modular "train cartridges" which could be easily replaced by the operator, and thus it was possible to use a train cartridge with a printing type set suited to the application.
4) High-speed paper feed was achieved by using a DC servomotor with good response.
5) Paper handling was improved by using a new type of built-in power stacker, and performing automatic loading of paper into the stacker at the start of printing, and automatic folding during high-speed printing/paper feed.
FACOM 650D/R Line Printer Specifications
  FACOM 650D/R
(FACOM 650R: for OCR printing)
Completion date March 1976
Printing system Type train cartridge system
Printing speed
  • 48 character types: 2,000 line/min
  • 108 character types: 1,060 line/min
Character types Four types of train cartridges (Standard)
  • 48 character types, for clerical calculation
  • 48 character types, for scientific calculation
  • 60 character types, for PL/I
  • 108 character types, including kana
Number of printed characters 132 char/line or 136 char/line
(switchable using switch)
Optionally expandable to 150 characters
Connected models FACOM M Series

FACOM 650D Line Printer