【NEC】 N209A-1 Paper Tape Input Unit

In April 1964, NEC marketed the N209A-1 Paper Tape Input Unit for the NEAC-2200. This unit was for 6-row or 8-row tape, and was not equipped with reels for tape handling. Read speed was 200 characters per second, which was enhanced to 300 characters per second in May 1965.

Paper tape input units frequently start and stop tape due to instructions, but, particularly when stopping, the tape must be stopped within 1 pitch (2.54mm). This unit fed tape using a capstan roller, and used a braking system where tape was held between the stop magnet core and armature. One of the biggest features of this unit was the fact that simplification of the mechanism eliminated the need for mechanical adjustment of the tape drive and braking section. Solar cells were used as the reader element, and verfication by double reading was used to improve reliability of the read data.

N209A-1 Paper Tape Input Unit