【Fujitsu】 FACOM 775A Tape Reader and Punch for Mid-Size Computers

Fujitsu developed numerous devices of this type, including the FACOM 748A/E, FACOM 749A/E and FACOM 750A paper tape readers, and the FACOM 766A and FACOM 767A paper punches. With the dissemination of 3rd generation computers, a need arose for tape equipment which was easy to use, highly reliable and low-cost. Fujitsu responded by developing the FACOM 775A tape reader/punch for FACOM 230-25/35 small and mid-size computers in the FACOM 230-5 Series. This equipment had the following features:

(1) A rational design was used to compactly integrate a reader and punch into one small unit.
(The FACOM 752A was equipped only with a reader, and the FACOM 768A was equipped only with a punch. The FACOM 775A was equipped with both.)
(2) Greater device compactness and reliability were achieved by using IC based PC boards for control circuits.
(3) In the reader, tape feed and stop operation were performed smoothly using a capstan and pinch roller mechanism, thereby achieving performance sufficient for "once only" reading.
(4) Neither the reader nor punch had a repeating reel drive source. This enabled reading with a single reel of tape, and tape mounting and removal were facilitated by using a system of dropping reels into a reel holder stand.

Specifications of FACOM 775A Tape Reader/Punch for Mid-Size Computers
  FACOM 775A Tape Reader/Punch
(FACOM 752A equipped with reader only) (FACOM 768A equipped with punch only)
Read speed 200char/s -
Punch speed - 50char/s
Synchronization system Asynchronous
Tape used All colors of tape for electronic computers
Number of channels 8 (6-channel could also be manufactured) 6- and 8-channel double mode
Tape capacity Single reel tape (275m)
Read/Punch system Once-only read system for reading Direct punch system
Tape feed Capstan and pinch roller system Sprocket system

FACOM 775A Tape Reader/Punch