【Fujitsu】 Tape Reader and Tape Punch for FACOM 222

Fujitsu conducted its own technology development for computer peripheral equipment, and created a line of peripherals based on its own technology at the time of the FACOM 222.

The FACOM 743A, 747A and 747B were tape readers for the FACOM 222 (see R-202/R-208/R-212 Photoelectric Tape Reader).

Fujitsu began to investigate and research tape punches around 1958. They completed the Pf601 prototype, based on their unique system of using pulse motors for the paper tape punch. The FACOM 763A for the FACOM 222 was commercialized using the Pf611, an enhanced version of the prototype (it is believed that this happened in 1961).

After that, the technology was continually improved and Fujitsu completed the Pf652, which featured the highest speed for an asynchronous type at the time. This Pf652 high-speed tape punch had the following features:

(1) It was an asynchronous punch employing a rotating magnet for the punch system, and a new type of pulse motor for feed, and punching and feeding were done in synchronization with the input signal, so wait time after the end of 1 cycle was zero. The system could cope with any speed, provided the punch cycle was 5ms or longer.
(2) Since extremely few sliding or impact parts were used in the mechanical section, the system had a long service life, and was quiet even during punching. There were no movable parts so the system did not produce noise when not punching.

Other models were developed by combining the mechanical part of the tape punch and a stand equipped with a built-in power supply. These included: the FACOM 763A for the FACOM 222, the FACOM 766A equipped with a standard interface, and the FACOM 767A for the FACOM 231.

FACOM 763A, 766A, 767A High-Speed Tape Punch Specifications
Tape punch: Pf611 Pf652
Connected computers: FACOM 222 FACOM 230-30 etc.
Standard interface
Tape used 6-channel or 8-channel 6/8-channel double mode
Punch speed (char/min) 8,000 12,000 6,000
Check Information check Feed check
Input power supply AC200V, AC100V AC200V
Console dimensions WxDxH (mm) 859x700x1,700 Mechanical part:550x535x610
Machine stand: 600x640x725

FACOM 766A Tape Punch