【NEC】 N7662 Magnetic Tape Unit

In February 1984, NEC announced the N7662 streaming magnetic tape unit with 1/2-inch tape, together with the ACOS System 430.

By using the streaming system, this model achieved high-speed in a compact size and at a low price. It was used for backup and other continuous processing of large volumes of data.
Magnetic tape threading was performed automatically by the horizontal auto threading mechanism, simply by inserting magnetic tape horizontally from the front window and operating the switch.
The system used standard 1/2-inch open reel tape, and recording was done at 6250BPI(GCR)/1600BPI(PE). In addition to a 100inch/s streaming mode for backup, the system could also start/stop at low speed (25inch/s) when recording data.

N7662 Magnetic Tape Unit Specifications
Magnetic tape used Width 1/2inch,Length 2400feet max..
Recording density(RPI) 6250(GCR)/1600(PE)
Tape running speed (inch/s) 100 and 25
External dimensions (mm) 550(W)×760(D)×1000(H)

N7662 Magnetic Tape Unit