【NEC】 N204A and N204B Magnetic Tape Units

In April 1964, NEC announced the N204A and N204B magnetic tape units together with the NEAC-2200. The N204A used 3/4 inch wide tape, and the N204B used 1/2 inch wide tape. Their tape drive system was the vacuum capstan type, and their tape shock absorber mechanism was the vacuum chamber type. These units used the NRZI recording system.
Both units came in a number of models with different tape running speeds.
They were also used with various models of the subsequent NEAC Series 2200.

N204 Magnetic Tape Unit Specifications
Model name N204B -1,-2 N204B -3,-4 N204B -5 N204A -3
Magnetic tape Width (mm) 12.7 19.05
Length (m) 732 -
Number of tracks 7 10
Tape running speed (inch/s) 36 80 120 120
Tape rewind speed (inch/s) 108 240 360 360
Start/stop time(msec) 3 3 4 -
Recording system NRZI -
Information recording density (bit/mm) 21.8 21.8
Information transfer speed (char/s) 20k 44k 67k 133k
Application NEAC-2200 and NEAC Series 2200

N204B Magnetic Tape Unit