【Fujitsu】 FACOM 608 Magnetic Tape Unit

Completed in 1969, the FACOM 608B and FACOM 608K were magnetic tape units for Fujitsu's small systems. Half reels were used to equip a single cabinet with two tape decks. These units were developed based on the FACOM 606A magnetic tape unit for small systems, and allowed exchange of data between Fujitsu's leading FACOM 603 Series of magnetic tape units and IBM equipment.

In September 1975, Fujitsu developed the FACOM 612A and 612B as successors of the FACOM 608K. These new models improved performance by increasing recording density to 1600RPI, using full-size reels, and reducing rewind time.

Main Specifications of FACOM 608B/K and FACOM 612A/B Magnetic Tape Units
  (For reference)
Completion date 1966 1969 September 1975
Number of drive decks 1deck/unit 2decks/unit
Tape used Full reel Half reel (1,200 feet) Full reel
Recording density(RPI) 556/333 (*1) 800/556 800 1600/(800) (*2)
Tape speed 45inch/s 27inch/s (0.69m/s)
Rewind time 5.5min 3min(Half reel) 3min(Full reel)
Data transfer speed 25/15 Kdigit/s 21.6/15 KB/s 21.6 KB/s 43.2(21.6) KB/s (*2)
Recording format NRZI PE/(NRZI) (*2)
Number of tracks 7 9
Tape drive system Swinging single capstan system Single capstan /vacuum column system
Main connected systems FACOM 230-20/30 FACOM 230-15, FACOM R FACOM 230-25/35 FACOM 230-28S/28/38
FACOM M-130/140

*1:333RPI was for compatibility with the FACOM 602 magnetic tape unit, and was read only.

*2:Items in parentheses are for the right side deck of the FACOM 612B.

FACOM 608K Magnetic Tape UnitFACOM 612A Magnetic Tape Unit