【Fujitsu】 FM R-70

This was the first 32-bit personal computer in the FM R Series of business PCs from Fujitsu. It was announced in September 1987 and had the following features:

  1. It achieved high-performance by using a 32-bit 80386 CPU (16MHz 0wait).
    • Processing speed was twice that of the FM R-60
    • Processing speed was up to 4 to 6 times faster when equipped with the 80387 arithmetic co-processor (optional)
  2. Graphic processing was speeded up by using dual memory for graphic VRAM (512 kilobyte).
  3. The machine was equipped standard with a high-capacity 2 megabyte memory (expandable up to a maximum of 10 megabytes).
  4. It was equipped with a built-in high-speed high-capacity 40 megabyte hard disk (average access time 40ms).
  5. A full range of application software (for CAD, AI and engineering computation) built to exploit the higher machine speed.
  6. In addition to MS-DOS, the machine supported Japanese language MS OS/2 (a 32-bit OS).