【Oki Electric】OKITAC S Series Model 4

Oki Electric, in June 1989, began selling two new workstation models. The 4/50 was a high-performance workstation that was standard equipped with a GX graphics accelerator and added a newly custom designed SPARC processor to the OKITAC S series, which had been supplied by Sun Microsystems Japan as OEM. The 4/25 was an entry-level workstation that was optimized as an extremely affordable diskless client computer. The final model, the 4/75, came with the GXplus graphics accelerator and featured upgraded network performance by offering for the first time the PrestoServe S-Bus accelerator, which increased the throughput of the network file system that made file access transparent.

Specifications of the OKITAC S series model 4
  4/25 4/50 4/75
Processor SPARC CPU/FPU (33 MHz) single chip SPARC CPU/FPU (40 MHz) single chip SPARC IU (40 MHz) SPARC FPU (40 MHz)
SPEC marks 20.1 24.2 24.7
MIPS 21.0 28.5 28.5
megaFLOPS 3.0 4.2 4.2
Memory 8M − 64MB 16M − 64MB 32M − 128MB
Hard drive - 207MB 424MB

Oki Electric OKITAC S series