【Oki Electric】OKI Station 7300/30

The OKI Station 7300/30 was a high-performance desktop workstation that ran on a 64-bit Intel RISC processor (the 40 MHz i860). The 7300/30 offered powerful processing capability as well as excellent cost effectiveness and graphics capabilities. Being able to process 45 MIPS and 50,000 polygons/second, this model was designed not only for business users but also for users in the demanding engineering fields. It could also use a huge number of third-party software packages because it complied with the ABI standard, developed by the Mass860 consortium that standardized the i860. The 7300/75 deskside workstation model was announced in October 1991.

Major features of the OKI Station 7300/30:

(1)High-speed processing
A 40 MHz 64-bit RISC processor and the ability to parallel process integer operations, floating-point operations, and graphics operations boosted the workstation’s processing power.
(2)System scalability
Because the 7300/30 used the industry standard EISA I/O bus, it could accept many kinds of interface boards for greater system scalability.
(3)Rich variety of interfaces
The workstation was standard equipped with two RS-232C ports as well as Centronics, SCSI, and LAN interfaces.
(4)Standard operating system
The 7300/30 fully supported industry standards because it used the latest UNIX SVR4 version, which integrated the System 5 and BSD editions.
(5)User-friendly interface
The 7300/30 ensured application portability and offered a friendly operating environment by using OPEN LOOK, based on X Window, and OSF/Motif.
(6)Japanese language support
Japanese could be used as the standard language in programming languages and many software packages as well as in the operating system.

Oki Electric announced the 75, an upgraded model over the 30, in October 1991. The 75 was capable of processing 50,000 polygons per second and had a file capacity of 5.2 GB.

Oki Electric announced the OKITAC 9000 B series and OKITAC 9000 C series of mid-range desktop workstations in October 1996. These models were also Hewlett-Packard OEM machines and featured PA-7300LC (132 MHz - 160 MHz) processors.

Specifications of the OKI Station 7300/30 and 7300/75
  OKI Station 7300/30 OKI Station 7300/75
CPU i80860
Memory 8MB — 64MB 16MB — 64MB
Hard drive 200 MB or 400 MB 200 MB or 5.2 GB
Operating system UNIX System V Release 4.0 with Japanese support OKI UX

Oki Electric OKI Station 7300/30