【Fujitsu】FUJITSU S-7/300 and S-7/300U

The Fujitsu S-7/300U was a workstation equipped with Sun Microsystems’ 64-bit UltraSPARC*1 RISC-based*2 microprocessor. Fujitsu announced the S-7/300U models 140, 170, and 170E in November 1995. The machines were supplied by Sun Microsystems, headquartered in the U.S., on an OEM basis and corresponded to Sun Microsystems’ Sun Ultra 1 line. The Fujitsu S-7/300U models were intended to strengthen the S-7/300 series of high-end workstations announced a month earlier.

The Fujitsu S-7/300, on the other hand, was a workstation running on the 64-bit SPARC64 RISC-based processor, which was jointly developed by Fujitsu and HAL Computer Systems. The S-7/300 was positioned as a high-end Fujitsu-developed workstation in the S family. Fujitsu announced the 140 and 160 models in November 1996 to extend the S-7/300 line.

*1. SPARC: Processor standard developed by SPARC International.
*2. RISC: Reduced instruction set computer.
Specifications of the FUJITSU S-7/30
Model 140 170 170E
Introduced November 1995
Main memory 32MB〜832MB 64MB〜1024MB
Display Monitor 17 inch (color)
21 inch (color)
21 inch (color)
No. of colors 256 16.7 million
LAN Ethernet
(10Base-T/AUI) (*1)
Magnetic disk 1.05GB〜336.6GB 2.1GB〜336.6GB 2.1GB〜228.6GB
Operating system Solaris
Specifications of the FUJITSU S-7/300
Model 140 160
Introduced November 1996
Main memory 64MB〜3GB
Display Monitor 21 inch (color)
No. of colors 256 16.7 million
LAN Ethernet(10Base-T/5) (*1)
Magnetic disk 2GB〜228.4GB
Performance SPECint95 (*3) 7.05 7.97
SPECfp95 (*4) 11.0 13.1
OS Solaris

(*1)SPARC64-II: The SPARC64 was a 64-bit RISC processor developed by Fujitsu and HAL Computer Systems based on the SPARC architecture. The SPARC64-II was the upgraded version of the SPARC64.

(*2)10BASE: transmission speed of 10 Mbps, 100BASE: transmission speed of 100 Mbps.

(*3)SPECint95: An index indicating a machine’s integer computation performance.

SPECfp95: An index indicating a machine’s floating point computation performance.

The specifications above were correct at the time the products were announced. Some specifications were later revised due to product upgrades.

FUJITSU S-7/300 In the foreground is the FUJITSU S-7/300 model 140/160 (same exterior enclosure)FUJITSU S-7/300U model 140
*Larger photo not available