【Toshiba】 SPARC LT AS1000

Marketed by Toshiba in 1990, this was the world's first laptop UNIX workstation equipped with a RISC MPU.
The SunOS from Sun Microsystems (U.S.) was used as the OS, and the system achieved binary compatibility with Sun Microsystems products at the application level. The main features were as follows:

  1. Dimensions, Weight
    34cm (width) x 37.5cm (depth) x 9.9cm (thickness). Weight: 7.9kg
  2. Performance
    SPARC 20MHz CPU. Processing speed: 13.2MIPS. Built-in 3.5-inch 180 megabyte HDD
  3. Display
    Functionality and performance on a par with desktop machines was achieved by using a high-density LCD and EL display with resolution of 1152 x 900 dots.