【NEC】 EWS4800/220, EWS4800/260

In May 1990, NEC announced NEC Superstation EWS4800/220 (desktop type) and NEC Superstation EWS4800/260 (floor type), equipped the R3000 RISC microprocessor from MIPS Computer Systems (USA). The world's highest integer operation speed for a desk-top was achieved by equipping the EWS4800/220 with the R3000 (which had a clock frequency of 30megahertz). These machines also had a high-speed drawing mechanism as standard equipment, and a drawing capability of 400,000 short vectors per second, and they were marketed as workstations suitable for use in a wide-range of fields requiring high-speed processing, such as computer-aided engineering, artificial intelligence image processing and dealing.

The EWS4800/220 and 260 were the first machines in Japan to be equipped with an OS conforming to UNIX System V Release 4.0.

EWS4800/220, 260 Main Specifications
  220 260
Announcement date May 1990
CPU R3000(30MHz) R3000(33MHz)
Floating point processor R3010(30MHz) R3010(33MHz)
Performance 30MIPS 33MIPS
Memory capacity Max. 32MB Max. 384MB
Cache memory 64KB (instruction) + 64KB (data)
Resolution 1,280x1,024
Display color 256 colors 256 colors (Standard)
    16.7 million colors (Optional)
Graphics accelerator Standard Optional
Expansion slots 2 7
OS EWS-UX/V§iUNIX System V R4.0§j

NEC Superstations EWS4800/220 and EWS4800/260