【Mitsubishi Electric】 ME100, ME200, ME400

Announced in 1988, this was a series of engineering workstations from Mitsubishi Electric meeting international and industry standards.
They were equipped with the MC68030 CPU (16.7, 20 or 25MHz) and the MC68882/1 FPP. The operating system was UNIX System V R 3.0 with 4.2BSD functionalities. These machines used standard interfaces such as X-Window V1.1, Japanese language support JAE2.0, Ethernet (TCP/IP), the NFS distributed file system GKS, graphics (Level 2C) and the VME bus.
The series was comprised of 3 models: the ME100 (16MHz) which was suitable for tasks like software development and technical document preparation, the ME200 (20MHz) which was suitable for full-scale analytic processing, engineering computation and CAE/CAD, and the ME400 (25MHz) suitable for high-level analytic processing, engineering computation, CAE/CAD and applications requiring high-speed drawing.
These systems were provided with distinctive software from Mitsubishi Electric, including: "Multimedia Document Processing Software" with features such as text processing, CAD drawing editing, geometric drawing editing, graph creation, image editing, and editing for numerical formulas and symbols; a "Schematic Design System" which was powerful for editing drawings with connection information (such as control circuits); and "MELPEC" a program for easier structured design of programs using HCP diagrams to improve quality and productivity in software development.