【Fujitsu】 FACOM G-100 Series

This was a 32-bit business workstation from Fujitsu. Three models in the FACOM G-100 Series of business workstations (the FACOM G-140, 150 and 150A) were announced in May of 1987 as products to help solve the problem of improving office work and achieving strategic use of information. Models in this G-100 Series had the following features:

  1. They employed a high-performance 32-bit CPU from Motorola (the G-140 used the 16-bit M68010).
  2. They employed the "SX/G" high-performance OS, which was based on UNIX System V, to achieve multi-user and multi-job functionality.Operability was improved by using a uniform MMI (Man-Machine Interface).
  3. SX/G supported multiple windows and multiple processes as basic functions, so easy operation was achieved based on a uniform MMI for software running under SX/G.
  4. Office work efficiency was improved by the EPOC-G family, which was an enhancement of the EPOC family of the FACOM 9450 Series of multi-functional personal computers for business.
  5. They provided terminal functionality for host computers and office computers (small business computers used in offices), and tight linkage functionality based on "System Integration Architecture ".
  6. Total productivity of applications was improved by offering features for distributed development of host computer applications using these workstations.

Others models were introduced later, with enhanced CPU performance, larger built-in disk capacity, and greater equipment miniaturization. Of these, the lightweight and compact FACOM G-150LT laptop was particularly distinctive.

FACOM G-100 Series Main Model Specifications
G-150, G-150A
Announcement date May 1987 May 1989
CPU MC68010 (10MHz) MC68020 (16MHz) MC68030 (16MHz)
Main memory 3,4MB 4-8MB 4-8MB
Built-in disk 44-119MB G-150:44-269MB
MODEL10: 60-330MB
Display capabilities
  • 6 types of CRT (12inch: white; 14inch: 7 colors, white, orange, green; 20-inch: 7 colors)
  • 1,024x768dot
  • High-resolution liquid crystal display
  • 768x576dot
OS SX/G (UNIX System V based)

FACOM G-140FACOM G-150AFACOM G-150LT Model 10