【Mitsubishi Electric】 ME 1000 Series

This was a series of engineering workstations from Mitsubishi Electric. The series was equipped with integrated software for handling multimedia (i.e. drawings, text, images and audio) and designed to integrate engineering automation and office automation. Two models -- the ME1200 and ME1500 -- were announced in 1986.

These were workstations equipped standard with an MC68020 processor (16MHz) and an MC68881 FPP, 2 megabyte or 4 megabyte main memory, and a 40 megabyte or 70 megabyte hard disk. They used the UNIX System V operation system, and provided a multi-window environment based on a high-capacity disk and a 20-inch high-resolution color bit-map display (1280x1024 dots). They also supported the GKS graphics library, and were equipped with a hardware-based high-speed drawing mechanism and high-speed image processing mechanism. Thus they provided a highly productive environment for specialists in scientific/engineering fields -- with (for example) features for creating, editing and printing multimedia documents including drawings, text, images and audio; a high-performance CAD development environment; and LAN-based distributed systems.

In 1987, Mitsubishi announced the ME1100 and ME1300 -- more compact models designed to fit the same performance onto the desktop. These models used 16-inch color or 17-inch monochrome monitor.

ME1000 Series