【NEC】 EWS4800

In September 1986, NEC announced an engineering workstation, the EWS4800, equipped with the UNIX OS, and a CISC (Complex Instruction Set Computer) microprocessor as its CPU. This machine was designed as an engineering workstation to improve the efficiency of a variety of software engineering tasks, including computer-aided engineering, scientific/engineering computation, experimental data collection and analysis, and software development.
1) It allowed integrated use of all types of data: text, drawings, images, video and audio.
2) It was equipped with a dedicated high-speed graphics processor and a graphics processor for multi-window control, and this enabled high-speed drawing of 75,000 vectors per second and processing of a maximum of 48 windows.
3) It was equipped with a large 20-inch display, with high resolution of 1,280 by 1,024 dots.

EWS4800 Main Specifications
Announcement date September 1986
CPU MC68020(16MHz)
Word length 32-bit
Main memory capacity 8MB/16MB/32MB
Graphics processor Display 16 colors
Color pallet 343 colors
Number of multiple windows Max. 48
Graphics control Display 256 colors
Color pallet 16 million colors
Addressable points 1,280x1,024