【Hitachi】 BW-CH700P

Hitachi announced the BW-CH700P business word processor in 1997 with a Pentium CPU, an 8x CD-ROM drive, PC card slots, and Internet capability.

Feature list

  • (1)Standard equipped with a digital photo gallery for quickly adding color photos to proposals or application forms
  • (2)Scanned forms could be displayed in color to distinguish entered text from the original form
  • (3)The Pentium CPU enabled high-speed document processing
  • (4)Added more types of computer printers that could be used for printing
  • (5)Able to share address books between computers and the word processor with the file conversion function
System specifications CPU 133 MHz Pentium processor
Cache memory 16 KB (CPU cache) and 256 KB external cache (pipeline burst SRAM)
Main memory 16 MB EDO DRAM standard (expandable up to 48 MB with optional RAM)
Video 1 MB of video memory Included a graphics accelerator and a controller PCI bus
Input devices Keyboard JIS standard
Mouse Optical two-button mouse
Display device Monitor 15-inch color CRT (with on-screen display function)
Display colors 256 colors in word processor mode
2.56 to 6.00 million colors in Windows mode
Display size 41 characters x 21 lines
(four lines reserved for system use)
52 characters x 29 lines
52 characters x 29 lines
Character size 24 x 24 pixels 16 x 16 pixels
Storage Floppy drive One 3.5-inch floppy drive (1.6 MB)
Capacity: ~250 pages/disk
Fixed disk drive One 2.5-inch 1.2 GB drive (word processor partition: 146 MB, MS-DOS partition: 1.05 GB)
Word processing partition capacity: ~2,500 pages standard, ~10,750 pages max.
MS-DOS partition: Windows 95 preinstalled
Internet Explorer preinstalled
Matrix ME (Wordpal’s kana-kanji conversion) preinstalled
Word processor viewer preinstalled
CD-ROM drive 8x (ATAPI)
Sound Built-in mono speaker, stereo line output, microphone input
Interfaces PC card slots Two Type II and one Type III PC card slots (JEIDA Ver. 4.1)
Serial port RS-232C, D-sub 9-pin connector
Parallel port Centronics half-pitch, 36-pin connector
Extension slots One ISA bus (full size) and one PCI/ISA bus (half size)
External dimensions [mm] and weight Monitor 360 x 395 x 356 (w x d x h), ~13 kg
Unit 384 x 409 x 132 (w x d x h), ~8.2 kg
Keyboard 470 x 210 x 41 (w x d x h), ~1.6 kg
Power consumption 90 W (monitor)
46 W (main unit)
100 ± 10 VAC, 50/60 ± 1 Hz
Energy Conservation Law labeling (energy consumption efficiency) 90 W (monitor) 34 W (main unit)