【Hitachi】 with me BF-240

Hitachi announced the with me BF-240 personal word processor in 1996. It came with support for the new seven-digit postal codes, a color DSTN LCD screen, and a color bubble-jet printer.

Feature list

  • (1)Came standard equipped with a color bubble-jet printer and connectivity with color inkjet printers intended as computer peripherals
  • (2)Able to import color photos and illustrations thanks to its support for color hand readers (scanners), video readers, and digital cameras
  • (3)Able to print seven-digit postal codes from the address book
  • (4)The postcard “jet” print function accelerated the printing of the second and subsequent copies of a postcard
  • (5)The standard trackball was supported by all document editing and graphics functions
  • (6)Standard document convertor for other document formats
  • (7)Parallel processing permitted editing and printing of one document while editing a second
Input devices Keyboard JIS standard (with an additional 10 keys)
Pointing device Trackball (optional mouse also available)
Display device Screen 640 x 480 pixel dual-scan 16-color STN LCD
Display size 40 characters x 25 lines
(four lines reserved for system use)
Character size 16 x 16 pixels
Storage Drive One 3.5-inch floppy drive (1.6 MB)
Internal storage capacity One document up to 30,000 characters long
External storage capacity ~250 pages/disk
(850 characters/page)
Print process Bubble jet
Typefaces Mincho Mouhitsu Gothic Maru Gothic Pop
Print head 128 nozzles per row (monochrome printing) 24 nozzles per color (YMC) per row and 64 nozzles for black per row (color printing)
Character sizes 7 to 30 points, in one-point increments
Print speed 230 characters/sec. (monochrome printing)
Paper sizes Inkjet printer paper (A4, A5, B5), manuscript paper sizes (B5, A4), prepaid postcard size
Auto sheet feeder Prepaid postcard (10-sheet capacity) and A4 (30-sheet capacity)
External dimensions [mm] and weight Unit 320 x 250 x 36.2 (w x d x h), ~2.2 kg
Printer 300 x 158 x 57 (w x d x h), ~1.4 kg
Power supply Internal rechargeable NiCad battery (6 VDC) With dedicated AC adaptor: 100 ± 10 VAC, 23 W max. / 12.5 W standby, 50/60 Hz

with me BF-240