【Hitachi】 with me PC WPC120

Hitachi announced the with me PC WPC120 personal word processor in 1996. The with me PC WPC120 incorporated computer functionality into a with me word processor, ran either the word processor operating system or Windows 95, and was able to edit both word processor documents and computer documents.

Feature list

  • (1)640 x 480 pixel (VGA-compatible), color LCD screen
  • (2)Usable as a computer out of the box because Windows 95 was preinstalled
  • (3)Able to display and print word processor documents while running Windows
  • (4)Able to import and edit computer data (MS-Word Ver. 5, Ichitaro Ver. 5, and Lotus 1-2-3 MS-DOS text files) without any conversion
  • (5)Operations such as copying, deleting, and listing directories of MS-DOS files made easier, and support added for three-mode floppy disk initialization: either 720 KB, 1.2 MB, or 1.44 MB
  • (6)Massive 1.5-million-word dictionary raised character-conversion efficiency
System specifications CPU 66 MHz 486DX2
RAM 8 MB standard (expandable up to 24 MB with an optional 8 MB or 16 MB RAM module)
Video 1 MB of VRAM
Included a controller and graphics accelerator
32-bit local bus
Input devices Keyboard JIS standard
Mouse Optical two-button mouse
Display device Screen 640 x 480 pixel, dual-scan STN color LCD
Display colors 16 colors in word processor mode
65,000 colors in Windows mode
Display size 26 characters x 18 lines
(four lines reserved for system use)
40 characters x 25 lines
(four lines reserved for system use)
Character size 24 x 24 pixels 16 x 16 pixels
Storage Floppy drive One 3.5-inch floppy drive (1.6 MB)
Capacity: ~250 pages/disk
Fixed disk drive One 2.5-inch 504 MB drive (word processor partition: 80 MB, MS-DOS partition: 424 MB)
Word processing partition capacity: ~2,500 pages standard, ~8,000 pages max.
MS-DOS partition: Windows 95 preinstalled
Matrix ME (with me’s kana-kanji conversion) preinstalled
Word processor viewer preinstalled
Card slot One Type II PC card slot (JEIDA Ver. 4.1)
External dimensions [mm] and weight Unit 330 x 260 x 77 (w x d x h), ~3.2 kg
Power consumption 16 W (main unit only) 100 ± 10 VAC, 50/60 ± 1 Hz

with me PC WPC120