【Hitachi】 BW-TH970M

Hitachi announced the BW-TH970M business word processor in 1995 with an OCR system for more efficient re-entry of data and a form image print function that took advantage of the word processor’s support of 400 dpi image scanning.

Feature list

  • (1)Massive 1.5-million-word dictionary with support for specialized terminology
  • (2)Improved operability with full mouse support
  • (3)Form-maker function improved the efficiency of filling out standard forms
  • (4)Optional OCR system could convert paper-based information into word processing data
  • (5)Able to create documents with more impact with the seven preinstalled 3D graph patterns
  • (6)Enhanced DTP and area editing with four-document toggling
  • (7)Auto format conversion function automatically adjusted character sizes and line spacing without affecting the layout
  • (8)Address book system included standard
  • (9)Support for the optional mouse-driven spreadsheet system IV gave the BW-TH970M data processing capability on par with standard computers
Input devices Keyboard JIS standard
Mouse Optical two-button mouse
Display device Monitor 14-inch flat CRT
Display size 24 x 24 pixels 16 x 16 pixels
Display size 41 characters x 25 lines
(four lines reserved for system use)
62 characters x 33 lines
(four lines reserved for system use)
Storage devices Floppy drive One 3.5-inch floppy drive (1.6 MB) Capacity: ~250 pages/disk
Fixed disk drive One 2.5-inch 120 MB drive (word processor partition: 80 MB, MS-DOS partition: 40 MB) Word processing partition capacity: ~2,500 pages standard, ~10,000 pages max.
Card slots Two JEIDA Ver. 4.1 slots
External dimensions [mm] and weight Keyboard 470 x 210 x 41 (w x d x h), ~1.5 kg
Monitor and unit 340 x 355 x 402 (w x d x h), ~13 kg
Power consumption 47W(Unit)  AC100V±10V 50/60±1Hz