【Hitachi】 with me PRO LN560M

Hitachi announced the with me PRO LN560M personal word processor in 1994. The with me PRO LN560M featured computer data importing, document management, support for LAN systems, and simplified mouse-operated graphics functions.

Feature list

  • (1) 640 x 480 pixel LCD screen
  • (2) 80 MB fixed disk drive (40 MB for the word processor and 40 MB for the computer operating system) in a laptop configuration
  • (3) Able to display and print word processor documents while running Windows
  • (4) Standard mouse made operations easier
  • (5) Operations such as copying, deleting, and listing directories of MS-DOS files made easier, and support added for three-mode floppy disk initialization: either 720 KB, 1.2 MB, or 1.44 MB
  • (6) Support for manipulating graphs and user-defined shapes, such as three-dimensional graphs and character effects
  • (7) Support for the optional spreadsheet system gave the PRO LN560M data processing capability on par with standard computers
Input devices Keyboard JIS standard
Mouse Optical two-button mouse
Display device Screen 640 x 480 pixel, backlit LCD
Display size 40 characters x 25 lines
(four lines reserved for system use)
26 characters x 18 lines
(four lines reserved for system use)
Character size 16 x 16 pixels 24 x 24 pixels
Storage devices Drives One 3.5-inch floppy drive (1.6 MB)
Three modes: 720 KB, 1.2 MB, 1.44 MB
Able to read MS-DOS formatted disks
One 80 MB fixed disk drive
Word processor partition: 40 MB
MS-DOS partition: 40 MB
Capacity Compatibility Level 1: ~250 pages/disk
Compatibility Level 2: ~180 pages/disk (850 characters/page, A4)
Standard: ~2,500 pages
Max.: ~4,000 pages
(850 characters/page, A4)
Card slot One JEIDA Ver. 4.1 slot
External dimensions [mm] and weight Unit 330 x 206 x 77 (w x d x h), ~3 kg
Power supply 100 ± 10 VAC, 40 W (main unit only), 50/60 ± 1 Hz

with me PRO LN560M