【Hitachi】 with me BF-20L

In 1992 Hitachi announced the with me BF-20L, a laptop-sized personal word processor with a 640 x 400 pixel LCD screen and a built-in printer

(1)A compact laptop with a large, bright screen
(a backlit, monochrome LCD, 640 x 400 pixels, 70 candela)
(2)Standard equipped with a Japanese, English-Japanese, and Japanese-English dictionary compiled by Gakken
(3)Supported functions that made it easy to create forms that would print exactly on manuscript or report paper
(4)Support for documents as big as 30,000 characters long
(5)Standard equipped with a personal name, place name, and postal code dictionary
(~66,000-word dictionary with ~8,000 surnames, ~7,000 first names, and all prefectural, municipality, town, and village names in Japan)
(6)Able to print banners using the magnified character print function
(7)Lessons for word processing certificates, and 64 sample problems from the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry word processing exam
(8)Modeless character-entry method that automatically recognized input mistakes
(9)Standard address book system
(10)Standard support for MS-DOS file conversion
(11)Two stylish colors: harmony grey and harmony yellow
Input device Keyboard JIS standard (with an additional 10 keys)
Display device Screen Backlit, monochrome LCD 640 x 400 pixels
Display size 40 characters x 21 lines (four lines reserved for system use)
Character size 16 x 16 pixels
Storage devices Drive One 3.5-inch floppy drive (1.6 MB)
Capacity Compatibility Level 1: ~250 pages/disk (850 characters/page, A4) Compatibility Level 2: ~180 pages/disk (850 characters/page, A4)
Printer Print process Thermal transfer
Typefaces Mincho Mouhitsu Gothic
Print head 48×48 dots
Character sizes ~8 points, ~10.5 points, ~13 points
Print speed 35 characters/sec., 70 characters/sec. (48 x 48 dot characters)
Paper sizes Plain paper sizes (A4, A5, B4, B5), manuscript paper sizes (B4, A5), prepaid postcard size, refill paper size, custom size
External dimensions [mm] and weight 338 x 331 x 78 (w x d x h), ~4 kg
Power supply 100 ± 10 VAC, 25 W max. / 8 W standby, 50/60 Hz

with me BF-20L