【Hitachi】 with me BF-1

Hitachi announced the compact with me BF-1 personal word processor with a separate printer in 1991. The BF-1 weighed 1.8 kg and was just 29.7 millimeters thick.

Feature list

  • (1)The 29.7 millimeter slim profile and A4 file size meant it could be carried under one arm
  • (2)Easy-to-read backlit monochrome LCD screen
  • (3)Modeless character-entry method that automatically recognized input mistakes
  • (4)AI-based kana-kanji conversion with about 200,000 candidate words
  • (5)70 character/second thermal transfer two-way printer that allowed horizontal printing as well
  • (6)Optional personal name, place name, postal code software simplified character-entry conversions
  • (7)Able to extend operating time by about three hours with the optional battery pack
  • (8)Personal DTP functions enabled flexible layout editing of form postcards and other documents
  • (9)Three body colors: bluish-gray, mist green, and apricot orange
Input device Keyboard JIS standard (with an additional 10 keys)
Display device Screen Backlit, monochrome LCD 640 x 400 pixels
Display size 40 characters x 21 lines (four lines reserved for system use)
Character size 16 x 16 pixels
Storage devices Floppy drive One 3.5-inch drive (1.6 MB)
Capacity ~250 pages per disk (A4) Ten documents could also be stored on the system floppy disk
Printer Print process Thermal transfer
Typefaces Mincho Mouhitsu Gothic Cursive
Print head 48 x 48 dots
Character sizes ~8 points, ~10.5 points, ~13 points
Print speed 35 characters/sec., 70 characters/sec. (48 x 48 dot characters)
Paper sizes Plain paper sizes (A4, A5, B4, B5),
manuscript paper sizes (B4, A5),
prepaid postcard size, refill paper size
External dimensions [mm] and weight Unit 320 x 243 x 29.7 (w x d x h), ~1.8 kg
Printer 345 x 113 x 62 (w x d x h), ~1.5 kg
Power supply Internal rechargeable NiCad battery (6 VDC)
With dedicated AC adaptor: 100 ± 10 VAC, 24 W, 50/60 Hz

with me BF-1