【Fujitsu】 OASYS Mariott plus

Fujitsu announced the OASYS Mariott plus alongside the OASYS LX-4500T plus in May 1997. The OASYS Mariott plus was positioned as a “home processor” — a new household information device — and, as such, it came standard equipped with Internet communication functions and functions to import color images from digital cameras and from the built-in scanner. It also included the touch-sensitive operations available on Fujitsu word processors since the OASYS LX-3000.

The OASYS Mariott plus had the following features:
(1)Input color images from multiple sources
In keeping with the digital image era, the Mariott plus could import color images from its built-in 16.7-million-color scanner as well as import images from digital cameras.
(2)Built-in 33.6 Kbps high-speed modem
With the fastest communication speed available for plain telephone lines, the built-in modem gave households convenient access to the Internet and network communications as well as faxing.
(3)Touch-sensitive browser
The Mariott plus came with a touch-sensitive browser, designed to make Internet access easier for families. This enabled people unfamiliar with operating a mouse to use an Internet browser.
Specifications of the OASYS Mariott plus and the OASYS LX-4500T plus
Model nameMariott plusOASYS LX-4500T plus
Configuration Box configuration
(with folding screen and horizontal printer)
IntroducedMay 1997
Character entry Keyboard: Thumb shift keyboard or JIS keyboard
Touch-sensitive operations (using either fingertips or stylus pen)
Built-in color scanner 16.7 million colors
Resolution: 400 dpi (max. for monochrome scans), 200 dpi (max. for color scans)
Internal modem Max. communication speed: 33.6 Kbps
Printer Dye sublimation process (photo printing), SMDP*1 thermal transfer process
Print speed: 252 characters/sec. (with 8 point characters and 3.2 mm line spacing)
Screen High-luminance, backlit DSTN*2 color LCD
640 x 480 pixels
Magnified displays (character size): 8 x 8, 12 x 12, 16 x 16, 32 x 32 pixels
External dimensions [mm] Unit: 373 x 154 x 286 (w x d x h) (excluding protruding parts)
Keyboard: 365 x 200 x 40 (w x d x h)
376 x 382 x 95 (w x d x h) (excluding protruding parts)
Weight7.4 kg5.7 kg
Power consumption22 W (59 W max.)22 W (58 W max.)

*1. SMDP: Semi-micro dry process. One type of thermal transfer printing process.
*2. DSTN: dual-scan super-twisted nematic. A type of LCD technology that improved upon STN technology. It could be produced more cheaply than TFT technology.

OASYS Mariott plus