【Fujitsu】 OASYS LX-3500CT

Fujitsu announced the OASYS LX-3500CT in October 1995 as the first color-screen word processor with a full-color image scanner built in. Fujitsu also announced the OASYS LX-3500T, a monochrome model with an integrated full-color image scanner, and the OASYS LX-3300C, an entry model with a color screen, at the same time.

The OASYS LX-3500CT had the following features:
(1)Built-in scanner that could read up to 16.7 million colors
The LX-3500CT could scan color images from the standard photo kiosk size to A4. It also supported color copying.
(2)High-quality, high-speed color printer with a cut-sheet feeder
Using the new SMDP (semi-micro dry process) color printing process, the printer could print up to 16.7 million different colors at speeds up to 233 characters per second with almost none of the lateral striping characteristic of thermal transfer processes.
(3)Anti-bacterial keyboard and stylus pen
An anti-bacterial keyboard and stylus pen were added in response to mounting hygienic and safety needs.
(4)Enhanced touch operation
In addition to touch-operated computer communications and color copying, the LX-3500CT came with other touch-operated functions, such as household accounting and health-monitoring graphs, in an attempt to integrate word processor use into people’s daily lives.
(5)An optional document convertor could convert between OASYS documents and other word processor document formats.
Compatible formats and software: Rupo (Toshiba), Bungo mini 5 (NEC), Word Pal (Hitachi), Mini Shoin (Sharp), CanoWord (Canon), Report (Ricoh), and Ichitaro Ver. 4 and Ver. 5 (JustSystems).
Specifications of the OASYS LX-3500CT
Model name LX-3500CT For reference
IntroducedOctober 1995
Full color scanner Built in, scans up to 16.7 million colorsn/a
Screen DSTN color LCD*1MonochromeDSTN color LCD
Other specificationsAnti-bacterial keyboard and pen

*1. DSTN: dual-scan super-twisted nematic. A type of LCD technology that improved upon STN technology. It could be produced more cheaply than TFT technology.