【Fujitsu】 OASYS V Series

The OASYS V series was Fujitsu’s new series of AT-compatible architecture1 Japanese word processors that doubled as computers. Fujitsu announced three models in the series in December 1994: the OASYS V-450sB model 270, the OASYS V-450sB/S2P model 420, and the OASYS V-466B/T2 model 420. These word processors were designed to serve two purposes — word processing and computing — for the end-user computing age.

The OASYS V series had the following features:
  • (1)All models were preinstalled with Microsoft Windows 3.1, a computer operating system, and MS-DOS 6.2/V, a first for a Japanese word processor.
  • (2)It was possible to share and centrally manage files in open client-server environments due to the inclusion of PC Server Connect, a utility that stored documents on a NetWare server with the feel of a word processor.
  • (3)OASYS V series word processors could use certain applications with Fujitsu’s FMV series computers.
1. AT-compatible architecture: A computer architecture that began with IBM’s PC/AT computers in 1984. It became a de facto standard in the computer industry and was adopted worldwide because it was an open architecture.
Specifications of the OASYS V series
Model name V-450sB V466B
V-450sB model 270V-450sB/S2P model 420V-466B/T2 model 420
Introduced December 1994 December 1994 December 1994
CPU 50 MHz i486SX2 66 MHz i486DX2
Memory 4 MB (expandable up to 20 MB) 8 MB (expandable up to 24 MB)
Hard drive 240 MB
(OASYS partition: 50 MB, computer partition: 220 MB)
420 MB
(OASYS partition: 60 MB, computer partition: 360 MB)
Floppy drive One 3.5-inch (1.44 MB, 1.2 MB, 720 KB)
PC card slot One: JEIDA*1 Ver. 4.1 and PCMCIA*2 2.0 compliant
Expansion memory slot One: accepted 4 MB, 8 MB, and 16 MB expansion memory cards
Modem card slot One dedicated modem card slot (OAMDC303 slot optional)
Expansion bus slot One 110-pin channel
LAN adaptor or expansion box (two full-size slots optional)
Keyboard Thumb shift keyboard (compliant with the NICOLA standard) or JIS keyboard Numeric keypad optional
Monochrome 10.4-inch LCD DSTN 10.4-inch color LCD*3 TFT 10.4-inch color LCD*4
16-level grayscale
640 x 480 pixels
Capable of simultaneously displaying 256 colors from a 4,096-color palette
640 x 480 pixels
External dimensions [mm] 390 x 158 x 279 (w x d x h) 390 x 158 x 327 (w x d x h) 390 x 158 x 279 (w x d x h)
Weight 7.9 kg9.5 kg7.9 kg
Power consumption 42 W (56 W max.)70 W (84 W max.)52 W (65 W max.)

*1. JEIDA: Japanese Electronic Industry Development Association. Later became JEITA. JEIDA Ver. 4.0 was a PC card slot standard.
*2. PCMCIA: Personal Computer Memory Card International Association, a U.S. industry group that created IC card standards for connecting cards with computers. PCMCIA established a PC expansion card standard together with JEIDA.
*3. DSTN: dual-scan super-twisted nematic. A type of LCD technology that improved upon STN technology. It could be produced more cheaply than TFT technology.
*4. TFT: thin film transistor. A type of LCD technology that gave faster response times and more vivid displays than previous technologies. It could also be easily scaled for larger screens.