【Fujitsu】 OASYS Pocket

In March 1991 Fujitsu rolled out the ultra-compact, ultra-light OASYS Pocket word processor that the company dubbed the “pocket-sized” word processor.

This model was designed specifically for portability. Its dimensions — 225 x 114 x 26 mm (w x d x h) — allowed it to fit into a shirt pocket. It could run for about 10 hours on two AA alkaline batteries and it weighed just 530 grams. The OASYS Pocket inherited the word processing editing functions from Fujitsu’s OASYS word processor series and added a systemized personal organizer function in consideration of its application as a personal portable device. It was designed with a wide range of users in mind, from word processor and computer users to users of electronic organizers, and its functionality, such as network communications available through an optional modem, transcended the limits of mini word processors.

Specifications of the OASYS Pocket
Model nameOASYS Pocket
Introduced March 1991
Character entry Keyboard: thumb shift (compliant with the NICOLA standard) or JIS
Entry modes: Interactive kana-kanji conversion (alphanumeric entry possible), clause / multi-clause entry
Display Backlit, high-contrast (white mode) LCD screen
40 characters x 11 lines (standard, 16 x 16 pixel characters)
80 characters x 20 lines (condensed display)
Floppy drive One 3.5-inch drive (2DD/2HD1)
(One 2DD disk could store ~200 A4 pages)
Dictionaries General dictionary: 142,000 words
AI dictionary2 (built in): 150,000 candidate words
Recently selected priority learning
User dictionary: 1,000 words
External dimensions [mm]225 x 114 x 26 (w x d x h)
Weight530 grams (with two AA batteries)
Power supplyTwo AA alkaline batteries
~10 hours of operating time
Other specifications
  • Systemized personal organizer function (scheduler, world time, address book, notebook, calculator)
  • Two IC-card ROM card slots
  • Connectable to Fujitsu FM printers and printers for NEC’s computer series
  • Network communications available when connected to the optional modem (full-duplex; 300, 1200, and 2400 bps)

(*1) 2HD/2DD: Two different floppy disk recording densities. 2HD indicates two-sided high-density double-track recording, and 2DD indicates two-sided, double-density double-track recording.
(*2) AI dictionary: A dictionary that aids kana-kanji conversions by making suggestions based on the grammatical context of a word.

OASYS Pocket