【Toshiba】 Rupo JW-G7000

Toshiba launched the Rupo JW-G7000 personal word processor in 1999 with vastly improved image importing thanks to the inclusion of a 400 dpi, 16.7-million color-capable hand scanner, which could scan in full color with exceptional detail, and a smart media slot, which made it easy to import photos and images from digital cameras. The JW-G7000 offered numerous processing functions for imported or scanned images, including hearts, stars, and other pattern cutouts, sepia tones, mosaics, and other imaging effects, and extracting and combination functions for cutting out people or other shapes and placing them on other images.

At the time, smart media was widely used as digital camera storage and could be used on the JW-G7000 for importing images taken with a digital camera. But smart media could also be used to store word processing documents. A 16 MB smart media card could store up to 24,000 pages of documents.

The JW-G7000 signaled the end of Toshiba’s distinguished word processor history, which began with the very first Japanese word processor, the JW-10, in 1978. Production of the JW-G7000 drew to a close in 2000.

Specifications of the Rupo JW-G7000
External dimensions [mm] and weight 376 x 385 x 92 (w x d x h), ~5.4 kg
Power supply 100 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz, 16 W (49 W max.)
Display device 11.3-inch color LCD screen
640 x 480 pixels (VGA)
Color scanner Resolutions: 400 dpi, 200 dpi, 100 dpi
Max. scanning size: A4
Storage devices
3.5-inch floppy drive (2HD/2DD)
Smart media (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 MB)
Storage capacities:
2DD: 63 documents, ~260 pages
2HD: 383 documents, ~1,500 pages
16 MB smart media card: 693 documents, ~24,000 pages
Dye sublimation thermal transfer (photo prints) and thermal transfer (up to 16.7 million colors in full-color prints)
225 characters/sec (thermal transfer printing)
B4 auto sheet feeder (up to 30 sheets)
Contoured outline fonts (Mincho, Gothic, Sei Kaisho Mouhitsu, Light Maru Gothic)
Outline fonts (Elite 12, Courier 10, ten proportional spaced fonts)
Character entry Whole paragraph conversion (up to 60 characters)
Conversion dictionary: 815,000 words
AI conversion: 1.407 million candidate words
Postal code dictionary: 139,000 entries
User-defined dictionary 450 words
Document length Long document: 48,000 words Normal document: 16,000 words
Color image editing functions
Displayable colors: 16.7 million
Crop, background combination, graphic editing (color fill, invert, move / copy, resize, rotate, merge, add effects / change image quality)
Data processing functions
Address book, graphs (22 varieties), spreadsheets, conversion to other document formats, MS-DOS text conversion

Rupo JW-G7000