【Toshiba】 Rupo JW06H

Toshiba launched the Rupo JW06H personal word processor in 1994. The JW06H was equipped with a PCMCIA Type III PC card slot to quickly add to and expand its functionality. The scanner, integrated with the printer assembly, could scan photos and illustrations up to A4 in size at 400 dpi in 64 shades of gray. On the printing side, the paper cassette could hold and continuously feed 20 postcards or 30 A4 or B5 word processing sheets.

Over 1994 and 1995, Toshiba rolled out a number of additional PC-card-based functions for the JW06H, including an OCR card, which could decipher scanned text and load the text into a word processing document; an external printer card, which made it possible to print to computer printers; a 2400 bps modem card for communications between the word processor and computers; and a Mouhitsu / Light Maru Gothic card that stored Mouhitsu and Light Maru Gothic outline fonts.

Specifications of the Rupo JW06H
External dimensions [mm] and weight 376 x 388 x 85 (w x d x h), unit: 6.4 kg, keypad: 0.2 kg
Power supply 100 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz, 1.0 A
External storage device 3.5-inch floppy drive (2HD/2DD)
Thermal-transfer printer (56 x 56 dots, 10 point), 400 dpi
233 characters / second (160-dot head)
Paper cassette (capacity: 30 A4 / B5 sheets)
Contoured outline fonts (Mincho, Gothic, Sei Kaisho Mouhitsu, Souei Pop, Souei Shinedo)
Scanner Scanning resolutions: 400, 200, 100 dpi
Grayscale gradations: 2, 16, 64 shades
Accepted originals up to A4 portrait size
Entry modes Whole paragraph conversion (up to 60 characters)
Conversion Conversion dictionary: 687,000 words (basic dictionary: 226,000 words; family name dictionary: 133,000 words)
AI conversion: 745,000 candidate words
User-defined dictionary 2,000 words
Learning functions Neuro-learning, recently selected priority, long-average frequency learning
Document length Long document: 48,000 characters, normal document: 16,000 characters
Optional functions MS-DOS text conversion, conversion to other document formats

Rupo JW06H