【NEC】 Wen Hua 5SV

In September 1995 NEC rolled out the Chinese Wen Hua 5SV word processor in the Chinese market. The Wen Hua 5SV used the popular “smart” pinyin input method and came standard with six outline fonts.

NEC developed the hardware component while NEC’s China subsidiary developed the software component to ensure a native Chinese operating environment.

The Wen Hua 5SV had the following features.
  • (1)The Wen Hua 5SV was the first word processor in the industry to support mixed full and partial pinyin inputs with its smart pinyin input system. Users could also add frequently used characters to the built-in dictionary (a dynamic AI function). These functions improved the input and conversion throughput, a traditional stumbling block with Chinese language word processors.
  • (2)It was standard equipped with six outline fonts: four simplified fonts (Song, Kai, Hei, and FangSong) and two traditional fonts (Song and Hei).
  • (3)The word processor could be used to create official documents for Chinese government bodies because it supported the various character sizes used in public documents.
  • (4)The Wen Hua 5SV came standard with the traditional characters used outside of China itself so that it could be used in all Chinese-speaking regions.
Specifications of the Wen Hua 5SV
September 1995
Display device
Backlit, white-mode LCD monitor
40 Chinese characters x 22 lines (16 x 16 dots)
80 Chinese characters x 30 lines (8 x 8 dots, condensed display)
20 Chinese characters x eight lines (32 x 32 dots, expanded display)
Entry devices
Chinese language keyboard with a 3.5 mm stroke
Entry modes
Pinyin input (AI conversion, double pinyin, single character)
Wubi input (user option)
~60,000 words
Built-in characters
Four simplified fonts (Song, Kai, Hei, and FangSong)
and two traditional fonts (Song and Hei)
Ten basic extended characters
Storage devices Internal
30 pages (1000 characters / page)
One 3.5-inch floppy drive
Printing devices Printer
 Paper widths
64-dot thermal transfer printer
Equivalent to 65 characters/second
Prepaid postcard to B4 widths (maximum 90 characters/line)
Typefaces Standard
Song outline font
Kai outline font
Hei outline font
FangSong outline font
Other specifications External dimensions [mm]
Power supply
Power consumption
378 x 398 x 99 (w x d x h)
6.1 kg
220 ± 10% VAC
Standby: 14 W
Printing: 40 W

Wen Hua 5SV