【NEC】 Bungo mini 5Si

In February 1992, NEC released the Bungo mini 5Si, an A4-file-sized (335 x 282 x 65 mm) personal word processor that weighed just 3.6 kg. It was positioned as a smaller version of NEC’s laptop word processor.

The features of the Bungo mini 5Si are as follows:
  • (1)Compared to the Bungo mini 5SX laptop word processor, the mini 5Si was about 40 percent of the volume and half the weight. It included a 65 character/second, 400 dpi high-performance printer and came standard with a Heisei Mincho outline font.
  • (2)It featured keyboard tutorial software, with which users could practice keyboard operations interactively following instructions on the screen, and word processing certification training software, which offered game-like typing exercises, from the basics up to Level 3 word processing certification.
  • (3)The Bungo mini 5Si was developed with female users in mind. It featured a soft, curved design and was offered in gray and white models. It even came with a “food check” program that displayed one’s nutritional balance on a radar chart.
Specifications of the Bungo mini 5Si
Introduced February 1992
Display device Monitor Backlit, white-mode LCD monitor (640 x 400 pixels)
40 Japanese characters x 22 lines (16 x 16 dots)
Standard, Expanded, and Condensed modes
Entry devices Keyboard JIS
Entry modes AI conversion / Clause-level conversion (200 characters / 40 clauses)
Intelligent tutorial functions
Kana / alphanumeric / radical / JIS code / Kuten code

~200,000 words
~70,000 words
~600 words
Built-in characters
Extended characters
1990 JIS Level 1 and Level 2 characters
10 characters (Able to store up to 170 characters on floppy disk)
Storage devices Internal
30 / 20 pages (1000 characters / page)
One 3.5-inch floppy drive (2DD)
One memory card slot
Printing devices Printer
 Paper widths
64-dot thermal transfer printer
Equivalent to 65 characters/second
Prepaid postcard to B4 widths (maximum 90 characters/line)
Typefaces Standard Mincho (outline font): 5P (24 x 24 dots), 7P (32 x 32 dots), 10.5 P (48 x 48 dots); 12P (54 x 54 dots)
Optional Maru Gothic, Kyokasho, Mouhitsu, Gothic
Communications Communication speeds BBS connectivity
Other specifications External dimensions [mm]
Power supply
Power consumption
335 x 282 x 65 (w x d x h)
3.6 kg
100 ± 10% VAC
Standby: 12 W, Printing: 34 W