【NEC】 Bungo Hyper 7

NEC released the Bungo Hyper 7, a compact business word processor with a depth of just 23.6 centimeters, in June 1991. The features of the Bungo Hyper 7 are as follows.

  • (1) By using a backlit white LCD monitor, NEC reduced the word processor’s depth to only 23.6 centimeters with a footprint of just 937 cm2, making it more compact than CRT models. This allowed the word processor to fit on standard office desks.
  • (2) Documents with diagrams and graphs were easily created and edited since it was standard equipped with graphing, spreadsheet, personal database, and other office software. It also featured multi-data editing, a feature that could directly call drawing functions while creating a document.
  • (3) The Bungo Hyper 7 included several safety mechanisms, such as an auto-eject mechanism that automatically ejected uninitialized floppy disks or floppy disks in the wrong format, and an auto-lock mechanism that prevented a floppy disk from being ejected while being read.
  • (4) The word processor could store up to 60 pages internally, which made it suitable for editing large documents.
  • (5) In addition to the built-in printer (86 characters/second), the Hyper 7 could use and select from an external dot-matrix printer, a 240 dpi laser printer, and a 400 dpi laser printer.
  • (6) The word processor came with a standard training system to teach beginners how to use the word processor and offered the optional Type Trainer program, which allowed users to practice typing and data entry toward obtaining word processing certifications.
Specifications of the Bungo Hyper 7
Introduced June 1991
Display device Monitor Backlit, white-mode LCD monitor
40 Japanese characters x 24 lines (four internal system lines)
80 Japanese characters x 48 lines (at condensed display size)
Entry devices Keyboard JIS X6002 (c6233) standard keyboard with a numeric keypad
Entry modes Kana / alphanumeric / fast alphanumeric

~152,000 words
70,000 words
5,000 words
Built-in characters
Extended characters
8,064 characters including standard JIS Level 1 and Level 2 characters
Able to store up to 188 characters on floppy disk
Storage devices Internal
~72,000 characters in document memory
Two 3.5-inch floppy drives (combined 2HD / 2DD drive)
One memory card slot
Printing devices Printer
 Paper widths
 Feeding method
128-dot multiline thermal transfer printer
Equivalent to 86 characters/second
Prepaid postcard to B4 widths
Typefaces Standard
Mincho, Gothic, Mouhitsu, Maru Gothic, Kyokasho:
7P (32 x 32), 10.5 P (48 x 48); 12P (54 x 54) Mincho outline font, Gothic outline font
Communications Communication speeds 300/1200/2400bps
Other specifications External dimensions [mm]
Power supply
Power consumption
397 x 236 x 275 (w x d x h)
10.2 kg
100 ± 10% VAC
Standby: 30 W, Printing: 62 W

Hyper 7