【Toshiba】 Rupo JW-R10

Published on Dec. 6, 2007
Last updated on Jun. 22, 2023

This was a true personal word processor which Toshiba first marketed in 1985. Toshiba marketed the TOSWORD JW-1 word processor for personal use in 1982, and starting there, they increased their penetration of the word processor market for individuals. Price competition intensified, with companies compensating by focusing on reduced features like 16-dot printing and single character input, and many models below the ¥100,000 level were marketed. The Toshiba JW-R10 is the machine which changed this trend of "low price and low functionality". This word processor provided capabilities like a high-end machine, including 24-dot printing and phrase conversion input, and was sold at a price of ¥99,800. It was a huge hit. The machine was targeted at individuals, so it was produced in three colors: black, red and white.

Seizing the opportunity of the JW-R10, Toshiba separated their series names, calling their business word processors the TOSWORD Series, and their personal word processors the RUPO Series.

Rupo JW-R10 Main Specifications
Device specifications Keyboard JIS layout
Display Liquid crystal 10char x 2lines, 24dot font
Printer Thermal transfer /Thermal printer, Print speed: 20char/s, Printing font: 24dots, Paper size: A4/B5
Main capabilities Main capabilities Phrase designation kana-kanji conversion (hiragana input, romaji input), Characters: 3,482char (JIS level 1, non-kanji, half-size char.), Document capacity: 1,600char (in main unit, with battery backup)
Editing/Correction functions Format, delete (1 char., 1 line, all), insert (1 char., 1 line), centering, right justification, underline, tab, ruled lines, external characters, various styles etc.
Printing functions Vertical printing, character spacing, line spacing, character size, italic, rotate, outline, English printing, dual page, shading, subscript/superscript, columns, etc.
Others External dimensions
Weight 3.15kg
Power supply Battery (4 "D" batteries) 100V/AC
Document storage Audio cassette tape

Rupo JW-R10