【Toshiba】 Rupo JW90F

This was a personal word processor marketed by Toshiba in 1987. Although it was a laptop machine, it had a large STN liquid crystal display (40char x 20lines) with performance on a par with CRT displays of desktop machines. Price of the main unit was ¥178,000. The main features of the JW90F were as follows.
(1) This machine employed a large STN liquid crystal display -- with 40 characters x 20 lines during normal display and 80 characters x 38 lines during reduced display -- and operability was improved by combining this with multi-window capability.

(2) Built-in functions for illustration drawing, spreadsheets and graph display.

(3) Western language word processing capabilities for 5 languages: English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

(4) Standard support for JIS level 2 kanji.

(5) Conversion of entire sentences
Automatic kana-kanji conversion upon input of punctuation marks or spaces, without designating a phrase or kanji (Chinese character).

(6) Equipped with a Japanese dictionary containing about 120,000 words.

(7) Multi-font support
The range of font selection could be widened by using the optional brushstroke font and gothic font, and easy-to-read documents could be created by combining these with a wealth of font sizes, and styles like outline and ruby.

(8) Address book management, postcard address and address label printing capability

Rupo JW90F Main Specifications
Device specifications Display STN liquid crystal 40char x 20lines (Reduced display: 80char x 38lines)
16dot font (normal display), 8dot font (reduced display)
Printer Thermal transfer/Thermal printer, Print speed: 38char/s, Printing font: 24dots, Paper size: B4/A4/B5/Standard postcard, Optional automatic feed mechanism
External memory unit 3.5inch floppy disk drive (2DD) x1, Memory capacity: 63 documents (260page)/disk
Capabilities Input Full-sentence conversion (hiragana/romaji input), English input, Western language input, Character types: JIS level 1, non-kanji, level 2 (JIS x0280-1983), half-size characters, 89 English characters x2, 50 Western language characters x2, Document capacity: 16,000char (in main unit, with battery backup)
Editing/Correction functions Format, delete (1 char., 1 line, designated range), insert (1 char., 1 line, insert mode), centering, right justification, uniform apportioning, move, copy, block edit, table generation, with or without ruled lines, spreadsheet, illustration drawing/edit, phrase search, underline, tab, decimal tab, graph processing, external characters, various (statement) line styles,(statement) line style editing (left and right justification), character styles, word wraparound processing, document composition, image input etc.
Printing functions Vertical printing, character spacing, line spacing, character size, italic, rotate, outline, English printing, English right justified printing, postcard address printing, address label printing, English/Western language printing,converted print between landscape and portrait,Japanese manuscript paper printing, millimeter pitch line/character spacing, dual page, shading, subscript/superscript, multi-column, ruby etc.
Other External dimensions 365(H)x400(D)x89(H) 5.5kg
Power supply Chargeable (Nickel-Cadmium battery)

Rupo JW90F