【Toshiba】 TOSWORD JW-7D

This was a high-end desktop word processor marketed by Toshiba in 1983. It was the first desktop machine from Toshiba equipped with a magnetic disk. It employed a 5-inch magnetic disk with a capacity of 10 megabytes, came with a system and dictionaries, and used an 8-inch FDD as dedicated storage for documents. It was also possible to save up to 1,000 pages of documents on the magnetic disk as shared documents.
Due to costs and size issues, most word processors at the time were FDD based. (In the case of Toshiba, the JW-10 and JW-10 Model 2 had built-in magnetic disks, but the later JW-5 and subsequent machines were FDD based.) On these machines, the FD often had to be replaced frequently, depending on the nature of operation, and the discomfort involved could not be eliminated. Use of a magnetic disk made operation much simpler. (This was made possible by the fact that compact, high-density magnetic disks could be obtained at low cost.)

In addition to using a magnetic disk, the JW-7D had the following enhanced features:

-Support for ruby characters (1/4 size characters)
-Greater storage capacity for external characters (188 characters -> 1,034 characters)
-High-speed 116 character/second printer