【Sony】 PJ-1000

With the catch phase "Separate & Compact" -- which was the basic concept of the "Produce" word processor with detachable printer -- Sony announced (in February 1989) the PJ-1000 "Product 1000" Japanese language word processor with features such as spreadsheet calculation, graphing and communication capabilities.

1) Separate printer detachable from main unit
If the printer was stood up for use, it could work with the horizontal printing system, which enabled printing without bending paper. Printing was done with a 48x48 dot head, and could be done on many paper types.
2) Large 45 character x 20 line display
A slide open display unit enabled display of 45 characters x 20 lines.
3) Spreadsheet feature to enable function calculation
Spreadsheets could be created up to a maximum of 512 lines x 128 columns (effective number of cells: approx. 8,000). Fifty-eight functions were provided.
4) Conversion of spreadsheet data to 8 types of graphs
Data created with the spreadsheet feature could be converted to 8 types of graphs (bar, layer, line, pie chart, radar chart, band, pareto diagram, and scatter).
5) Western language word processing capabilities for handling 7 languages with key input only (or 15 languages with symbol input)
Seven languages were supported: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish and Swedish.
PJ-1000 Main Specifications
Keys JIS layout, English (standard)
Input system Kana-kanji 45 character continuous phrase batch conversion, romaji input possible
Character types 2,965 JIS level 1 characters, 3,388 JIS level 2 characters (Kanji),
670 Japanese letters, 186 letters (Western), 474 symbols
Dictionary word count Approx. 150,000word (Basic: 60,000word, Compound: 90,000word)
Display 720x400dot (45char x 20line, including 1 guidance line)
Memory Document memory: Approx. 10,000char
Memo: Approx. 1,000char
Schedule: Approx. 150 items (saveable on disk)
User dictionary: Approx. 200word (saveable on disk)
External characters: 8char (saveable on disk)
Disk 2inch data disk
Documents: Max. 60, Max. 170 A4 pages (1,000char/page)
Fonts Japanese: Minchotai, Poem, Yukinari (Hiragana and katakana only for Poem and Yukinari)
Western: Roman, Typewriter, European bold, European regular, Script
Character styles Underline, bold, italic, shading
Line styles Enlarged (1-16 times, smoothing), inversion, outline, shadowed
Power supply NP-22H rechargeable battery pack, charging adapter
Max. external dimensions Main unit only: 348x71x228mm (excluding protruding parts)
With printer attached: 348x75x348mm (width, height, depth)
Weight Approx. 2.9kg