【Sony】 PJ-100

In September 1987, Sony announced the PJ-100 "Produce 100" Japanese language word processor, with separating printer and built-in "PD-1" 2-inch data disk drive, as an ultra-small multi-functional portable word processor.

1) Built-in 2-inch data disk drive
The unit had a built-in compact, high-capacity 2-inch data disk drive. Capacity was as good or better than 3.5-inch.
2) Detachable printer
The unit was compact and lightweight. The main unit weighed 2.3kg with the printer separated, and the disk was built-in.
3) Printing system
The unit provided 32x32 dot 30character/second high-speed thermal transfer printing. It was also equipped with a smoothing function for smooth and automatic correction when enlarged to double size or larger.
4) Compatible with rough paper and thick paper
Printer ribbon development made it possible to print on papers with a rough surface, or glossy paper. If the printer was stood up, it could be used for horizontal printing. Printing could be done on thick paper up to 1mm, and on materials like plastic sheet without bending.
5) Position scope
This function used a prism to let the user print exactly at the desired position, and line spacing width could also be automatically calculated with auto pitch so printing could be done easily on cassette labels and Japanese manuscript paper.
6) Pop-up menu
This provided support for many functions with a small number of keys.
PJ-100 Main Specifications
Keys JIS layout, English (standard)
Input system Kana-kanji 40 character batch conversion, romaji input possible
Character types 2,965 JIS level 1 characters, 3,388 JIS level 2 characters (Kanji), 670 Japanese letters, 179 letters (Western), 474 symbols
Dictionary word count Approx. 150,000word (Basic: 57,000word, Compound: 93,000word)
Display 40char x 10line (including 1 guidance line)
Display system STN liquid crystal
Memory 1 document 1 memory: Approx. 4,500char
Memo: Approx. 900char
User dictionary, abbreviations: 200word
External characters: 8char
Disk User documents: 47 files max
Printing Vertical/Horizontal, line spacing, character spacing (4 settings, auto pitch), postcard printing
Print speed 30char/s, 15char/s
Paper 40x40mm - A4 size
Printed characters per line Japanese: 50char, English: 77char
Print system Thermal transfer (32x32dot)
Fonts Japanese: Mincho, Yukinari, Poem (hiragana, katakana)
Western: Typewriter, Script, European Regular, European Bold, Mincho
Character styles Underline, bold, italic, shading
LIne styles Enlarged (1-16 times, smoothing), inversion, outline, shadowed
Character size Full-size, half-size, double-size, superscript, subscr