【Sony】 HW-80

In June 1986, Sony announced the "HW-80", a Japanese language word processor equipped with 30-character batch text conversion, a dictionary of approximately 150,000 words, and a 40 character x 6 line display.

1) 30 character batch text conversion/phrase search conversion
This system could convert a text 30 characters at one time. It could also perform document search conversion, where an entire sentence is input at once, and conversion is done afterward by automatically searching for phrases.

2) Dictionary with approx. 150,000 words
This covered about 80% of Japanese name characters, and 90% of names. Also included were a place name, company name, compound word and katana dictionary.

3) 40 x 6 character large flip-up display
A 40 character x 5 line large display was used for the character display. The display section angle could be adjusted to 4 settings (flip-up display).

4) JIS level 2 (standard) External characters
In addition to JIS level 1, the system had the 3,388 JIS level 2 characters built in. Twenty one external characters were also added.

5) Six fonts for Japanese and English
This machine provided 3 fonts for kana (Mincho, Yukinari and Poem) and 3 fonts for English (Prestige, Gothic and Title), so users could select from a total of 3,388 characters.

6) Setting of character and line spacing
Spacing could be set to 80 values, in one dot units, and could also be used for Japanese manuscript paper and various other forms.

HW-80 Main Specifications
Input Kana-kanji sentence conversion (Max. 30char)/Sentence search/Single character conversion
Hiragana continuous input, hiragana katakana conversion and romaji input
Printer characters per line Japanese mode: 54char, English mode: 80char
Character size Approx. 10point
Character types JIS level 1: 2965char
JIS level 2: 3388char
Hiragana, katana, alphanumeric, symbol: 670char
English pica: 179char
External characters: 21char
Dictionary word count Approx. 150,000word
Memory Document: 3,000char
Address book: 4,000char
User dictionary, abbreviations: 500char
External memory Floppy disk drive "HWD-80"
Character size Full-size, half-size, horizontal double-size, quadruple size, vertical double size, subscript/superscript, English pica
Display Liquid crystal display 40char x 6 line (display 16x16dot)
Editing Insert, delete, scroll, tab, digital tab, right justification, centering, repeat, move, copy, underline, lines (4 types), character type switching, line start/end rules, fill-in, word wrap (in English mode)
Printing Horizontal/Vertical, full/partial printing, temporary stop mark, new page, variable character and line spacing (80 settings)
Fonts Japanese: Standard (Mincho), Yukinari, Poem
English: Standard, Gothic, Title
Other Abbreviations/User dictionary, built-in phrases, learning function, communication function (between HW-80 and HW-50)
Print speed 13char/s
Maximum paper width 257mm (up to B4)
Print system Thermal transfer
Main unit size 381x72x345mm (width/height/depth)
Weight 3.4kg (main unit only)
Power supply DC6V, AC100V, 50/60Hz
Nickel cadmium battery pack HWB-30 (sold separately)
Power consumption 7.2W